Package net.infonode.tabbedpanel.theme

Themes with different looks for both TabbedPanel and TitledTab


Class Summary
BlueHighlightTheme A theme with dark borders and blue (or custom color) background for the highlighted state.
ClassicTheme A theme with a "classic" look and with round edges for the titled tabs.
DefaultTheme A default theme that only contains empty tabbed panel properties and titled tab properties object i.e. they don't contain any properties that are set with any values.
GradientTheme A theme that draws gradient tab backgrounds.
LookAndFeelTheme An experimental theme that tries to replicate the look of the active look and feel.
ShapedGradientTheme A theme with tabs with rounded edges, gradient backgrounds and support for slopes on left/right side of tab.
SmallFlatTheme A theme with small fonts and flat look
SoftBlueIceTheme A light blue theme with gradients and rounded corners.
TabbedPanelTitledTabTheme Abstract class for a theme for a tabbed panel with titled tabs.

Package net.infonode.tabbedpanel.theme Description

Themes with different looks for both TabbedPanel and TitledTab

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