The JavaDoc can be viewed here.

Using the InfoNode Look and Feel

The InfoNode Look and Feel is defined in the class net.infonode.gui.laf.InfoNodeLookAndFeel. To use it in your application you need to set it in the UIManager:

    UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new InfoNodeLookAndFeel());

After setting the look and feel, you might need to update the components in an existing frame:


More information about setting look and feel can be found here.

Using Themes

You can create your own theme with custom colors, fonts etc. Apply the theme in the InfoNodeLookAndFeel constructor. This example creates a custom theme and applies it to the look and feel:

    InfoNodeLookAndFeelTheme theme =
        new InfoNodeLookAndFeelTheme("My Theme",
                                     new Color(110, 120, 150),
                                     new Color(0, 170, 0),
                                     new Color(80, 80, 80),
                                     new Color(0, 170, 0),
    UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new InfoNodeLookAndFeel(theme));

You should not modify the theme after it has been applied to a look and feel.