InfoNode Tabbed Panel comes with the source code for an example application that is located in the examples directory in the binary distributions of InfoNode Tabbed Panel. The example source code is free to use in any application and is a good starting point if you're new to InfoNode Tabbed Panel. The example application can be tested on the demo page.

The developer's guide requires a PDF reader.

InfoNode Tabbed Panel Developer's Guide Revision 1.3 for ITP Version 1.6.1
A developer's guide that describes how to use InfoNode Tabbed Panel. If you have problems viewing the document in your web browser then save it to disk and view it outside of your web browser.
InfoNode Tabbed Panel API Documentation for Version 1.6.1
The full JavaDoc API documentation for InfoNode Tabbed Panel, InfoNode Look and Feel and the properties framework.
InfoNode Tabbed Panel Version 1.6.1 Properties Tree
A browsable tree with all InfoNode Tabbed Panel properties containing property names, descriptions, types and JavaDoc links.

Documentation for older versions can be found here.