The tabbed panel and the tab components support many features that makes it possible to customize the functional and visual behavior of the components. All settings are configured using properties.

Common Features
Tabbed Panel Features
TitledTab Features
Tab Features

Tabbed Panel as
selection bar
with a custom theme

Common Features
A powerful properties system that allows almost all visual and behavioural aspects to be changed.
Default colors, insets and fonts based on the current look and feel. Can also have custom shapes (not restricted to only rectangular shapes), borders and backgrounds such as gradients etc. Supports themes (several included).
Same type of event mechanism for a tabbed panel as for a tab that notifies when a tab is added / inserted, removed, selected / highlighted, moved, dragged and dropped.
Mouse hover actions that let you create exciting visual mouse hovering effects.
... and many more ...
Tabbed Panel Features
Tabs can be placed on any side of the content (only one side at a time).
Single selection model. Even supports no selected tab. Possibility to deselect the selected tab by clicking on it.
Tabs of different types can be mixed in the same tabbed panel.
Reorder tabs using a mouse. Drag tabs. Select a tab on either mouse press (button down) or release (button up).
Scrolling or compression (downsizing) of the tabs when not all tabs fit into the tab area. The selected tab can be automatically scrolled into view when it is selected. Can also show a button that when clicked shows a drop down list with all tabs that simplifies the selection of a tab.
Add custom Swing components to be shown in the tab area next to the scroll buttons and the drop down list button. Useful for adding buttons etc to the tabbed panel.
Can act as a selection or button bar without any content area.
... and many more ...
Titled Tab Features
Powerful tab component that supports text, icon and custom Swing component that can be used for adding buttons or other components to the tab.
Can be rotated 90°, 180° and 270° regardless of which side of the content the tabs are placed. Each titled tab can be rotated regardless of the other titled tabs in the tabbed panel. The text and icon will also be rotated.
Three rendering states: normal (selectable but not selected), disabled and highlighted/selected. Almost all properties can be changed per state which make it possible to for example show a different background when the tab is selected.
... and many more ...
Tab Features
Tab is a Swing component and a container for other Swing components.
Supports layout manager.
Possible to create custom tabs by either extending the tab or adding components to the tab.
Holds a reference to the contents, i.e. the component to be shown in the tabbed panel's content area when the tab is selected.
... and many more ...